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Editing & Proofreading Services 

SC Professional Editing Services will help you get your manuscript to the highest level of publication readiness. From grammar and syntax, to clarity and style, I will work on the revision stages of your manuscript to get it polished and ready for your readers to enjoy.


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Manuscript Review 

Finished your first draft & aren't sure what's next in getting the book edited and ready for publication? A Manuscript Review will get you helpful high-level feedback, as well as professional guidance on what type of editing the book might need, even before you make any additional investments in editing and publication so you can confidently take the next steps on your publishing journey.  With Manuscript Review, you will receive a detailed review that includes: 

  • The overall impressions of your manuscript 

  • What is working well 

  • Areas for revision and improvement 

  • Recommendation on next steps

  • Call with me to discuss the review 

 The investment for a Manuscript Review is $450. If you decide to go forward with suggested editing services- this will apply to that total cost. 

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Sentence-level edits that address accuracy, clarity and consistency of style & grammar. This phase of editing assumes the structure of the book is complete and does not include any major rewrites or big picture suggestions. You will get the initial edit of the full manuscript with Track Changes, comments, queries,& suggestions.


  • Two rounds of editing

  • Personalized style sheet

  • Ongoing email communication 

  • An editor's letter explaining major changes/suggestions 

  • Post-edit support 

The investment for copyediting a manuscript up to 100,000 words is $0.02 per word 

*Please inquiry on pricing for a manuscript over 100,000 words

Grammer Editing


This is the final process of editing. When your book is ready for proofreading I will correct errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling, and word usage.  Let's make this story SHINE!

You will get the edit of the full manuscript with Track Changes. 

The investment for proofreading a manuscript up to 100,000 words is $0.015 per word

Copyediting/proofreading bundle

$0.025 per word

*Please inquiry on pricing for a manuscript over 100,000 words

About Me 

Hi, I'm Shannon! 

I am a professional freelance copyeditor & proofreader specializing in romance, paranormal, and fantasy novels. 


I received an MA in English Lit and Creative Writing and am a graduate of Edit Republic's High Level Proofreading Pro program & Art of Line Editing program. I am also certified through Professional Book Editors Association and am a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association. 

Through my editorial services, you can be confident that you are receiving high quality, professional feedback, and editing suggestions that will maintain consistency and preserve your voice. 

I've always been an avid reader! It is such a great feeling to be a part of the transformation from manuscript to published book. I know how hard authors work on their stories and to be a part of the process in creating that finalized product is amazing! 

When I'm not reading you can find me playing video games with my son or walking my dogs. 

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